Page Last Updated  10/21/2018

  • Below is a list of adult birds for sale.   This is a partial listing of peafowl that we currently have for sale. If you are looking for a specific bird that is not on the list, please let us know, maybe we can help.
  • If you need information on the genetics of a bird listed below, example how to mate them or what could be produced from a specific mating, please give us a call.   
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Adult Peafowl For Sale

Birds are shipped Express Mail from Kansas City, Mo. 
Customer pays for shipping and 30 dollars per box as needed.

Legg's Peafowl Farm

Pair India Blue, 2 years old
India Blue Cock, 2 years old
India Blue Hen$300
Black Shoulder Hen
Pair Black Shoulder, 2 years old


White Cock, 2 years old$300
Pair White, coming 2 years old$650
White Hen$350
Pair India Blue White-Eyed, coming 2 years old$600
India Blue Pied White Eyed Hen$350
Pair Spalding, 2 years old
Pair Spalding Black Shoulder$700
Spalding Cock, coming 2 years old$300
Spalding Bronze Pied Hen$1,000
Black Shoulder Silver Pied Hen split Charcoal
India Blue Hen split Charcoal$350
India Blue Silver Pied Hen, split Charcoal$500
Spalding Charcoal split Black Shoulder with 3 Spalding Black Shoulder Hens split Charcoal, coming 2 yrs old$3,000
Purple Black Shoulder


Midnight Black Shoulder Cock, coming 2 years old$350
India Blue Cock split Violette coming 2 years old
Taupe Cock, coming 2 years old


Jade Black Shoulder White-Eyed Cock$600
Pair India Blue, split Montana$1,500
Mocha Cock, coming 2 years old$500
Pair Mocha Pied, coming 2 years old$1,300
     *Pair = 1 male 1 female
     **Trio = 1 male 2 females